Surviving Mercury Retrograde this November and finding A Happier You
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Finding your way to ‘A Happier You’

Finding your way to ‘A Happier You’

Mercury Retrograde is back, but here are a few simple tips to survive the craziness of early November. Plus, I have some exciting news about four 2-hour workshops I’ll be running in 2020. It’s time for ‘A Happier You’.

Cup Week already!

Can you believe it’s almost November and Cup week already?

I hope you’ve been having a wonderful year, no doubt a challenging one, as there have been some powerful energies at play. But they are all helping you find balance and creating the life you desire.

Change and challenges certainly aren’t easy and as of the 1st of November we’re in a Mercury Retrograde again! This will last for a couple of weeks so make sure you take some much needed time for yourself. No excuses or you won’t have the head space to cope.

If you’re needing a day off or a weekend to yourself, do it during this time. The ocean or any body of water will help ground and energise you, and also remember to find the stillness within a meditation or yoga session and constantly focus on deep breathing. The breath can bring clarity and help calm your mind rather than you becoming chaotic, over-thinking things and worrying.

Just so you know, this is very normal and everyone is experiencing the energy and reacting in their own way. It is all for your greater good, so by the end of November you’ll have a spring in your step and be ready for the festive season (or silly season).

Energy sessions are powerful

Always remember I am here for you if  you need an energy session any time you’re feeling stuck, life isn’t flowing the way you’d hoped, or you’re feeling anxious and totally overwhelmed.

My sessions – either at Vyve Beauty & Wellness in Eltham or online – will bring you clarity, direction and sometimes enormous relief and belief in yourself.  The powerful energies on earth are here to shift you into a more balanced, happier and peaceful life. If you fight against it, your anxiety will feel totally out of control at times. It’s just fear, “the blocks” keeping you stuck, so don’t give these negative emotions the power to keep holding you back.

My sessions are also really powerful in business, as your business has it’s own energetics. If your business has lost direction, or has a sense of feeling “stuck” or is negatively influenced by others, energy work can have a positive impact. In fact, energy work can attract business, suitable employees, or your ideal client leading to positive financial success.

Any beliefs from the past such as “you’re not good enough” or “you’ll never make it” can create the drive to prove people wrong but it can also stop the growth and full potential of your business or career if deep down you still question whether you’re good enough and fear failure. Other energies wanting you to fail can also greatly impact the business’s success.

Don’t underestimate the power of a business energy session . All can be cleared, you can protect the company’s energy, clear negative influences and negative belief patterns affecting it’s success.

Clearing negative emotions

Now, getting back to us. We all store all our negative emotions from our past, and our emotions create our thoughts, so we cannot consciously be aware of the 60,000 thoughts we have on a daily basis.

We are not aware of as much as 96% of what happens in our subconscious mind. These thoughts cause negative programming which can make us anxious, worried, depressed, powerless and result in life not flowing the way it should.

Life is not meant to be a struggle. It is not the universe’s way to curse us with financial burdens, poor health or unhappy relationships. We create EVERYTHING ourselves (ourCELLves), as it’s all within our own subconscious thought patterns.

Law of Attraction. What you think about, you create. You’re just not aware of the thousands of thoughts creating exactly what’s showing up in your life.

Reclaim your power

Over this Mercury Retrograde, it’s time to reclaim your power, connect with exactly what you are wanting, notice what negative thoughts are surfacing and change them.

You are energetically creating and moving into a very new space. It’s time to refocus your intentions, reallocate priorities  and allow your body to awaken to it’s truth.

It’s  time to unleash your power, connect deep within and change those 60,000 thoughts a day into a positive flow while you are creating a life of abundance. After all, you deserve it!

Workshops on the way

I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be running 4 x 2 hour workshops throughout 2020 titled “A Happier You”, so come and join me in a special pre-Christmas and New Year meditation class on December 2 (one in the morning from 9.15am to 10.30am or in the evening from 7pm to 8.30pm).  This is a great way to prepare for “a happier you” in 2020, set your intentions and to ask me any questions. So feel free to email me at to put your name down.

It’s a very simple title as I believe you can find ‘a happier you’ at any stage, no matter how challenging your life’s become or how challenging your life has been growing up.

You can overcome anything as long as you have the guidance, and the tools to let go of the past so that you learn to believe in yourself… therefore believe that anything is possible.

As soon as you start believing, things begin showing up in your life. You actually begin to create for yourself this powerful vortex of self belief where your life will never be the same… it becomes magical and you certainly won’t look back.

Lots of Love & Light,

~ Dee 🙂

If you’re feeling a little flat, anxious or needing some clarity, feel free to contact us at Vyve Beauty & Wellness where we proudly take care of you with our beauty “on the inside and out” approach. We have beautiful supportive options at Vyve.  We can do this through my work (Dee’s Energy Sessions), a Vyve Wellness Balance (balance your energy centres), our Wednesday meditation classes, Reiki courses or our Women’s Circle (4-weekly sessions, conducted by gorgeous Shelley).

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