Vyve Wellness Balance - Vyve Beauty & Wellness Eltham
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Vyve Wellness Balance

Vyve Wellness Balance

Wellness Balance

The Vyve Wellness Balance essentially is about releasing old ways and negative energy, getting well again and being happy with all aspects of your life – it’s a great place to start for those seeking energy healing in Melbourne. Are you sick of being tired, grieving or feeling anxious? Is it time to change direction and let go of those deeply ingrained fears obstructing your life path? With the Vyve Wellness Balance it’s a chance to surrender your senses and fears, and open your mind to immersing yourself in the positive change this exclusive energy healing experience can achieve for you on such a deep personal level.

No one else offers this one, which is an “experience” rather than a treatment, and something Dee has carefully created from an intuitive heart space through years of research and personal experience.

Indulge your senses and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Connect with your higher self and lift your spirit to re-align your physical, emotional and spiritual being. The journey begins by setting your intention to overcome feelings of being challenged and “stuck”, emotionally exhausted, anxious or depressed. We then help you relax, reset and recharge to begin the new positive journey using specific deep breathing techniques along with harmonising crystals bringing you into a state of grounded tranquility. This gentle yet powerful healing technique facilitates balance. Sacred Geometry symbols are chosen and essential oil blends of Earth, Water, Fire or Air are used to massage while you experience a deep sense of calm and self reflection. Allow the vibrational healing of music, crystals, Reiki and universal energies combining to bring harmony to your inner being while giving flight to your spirit as a sense of peace washes over you illuminating your path forward.

60min $85

Dee healing Vyve