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Say Goodbye To Hair

IPL hair removal at Vyve is one of our most popular services.

Optimal results are gained through a series of treatments determined on a case by case basis. You’ll be advised at your initial treatment of the plan we devise for you.

So how does this revolutionary treatment work? IPL emits an intense pulse light which is absorbed by the pigment of abnormal skin occurrences or hair follicles, and is then converted to heat. This process disables the cells responsible for the abnormality found in the skin or the ability to grow new hair. Best of all, this leaves healthy skin unaffected.

Permanent Hair Reduction

Shaving, waxing, tweezing and hair removal creams have been replaced by permanent hair reduction. That’s a fact! And that’s a big relief, especially with something as effective and convenient as IPL hair removal.

In a flash, you can safely and affordably remove unwanted facial and body hair from all areas in minutes, with instant results from your first session. At Vyve, we are known for our impressive knowledge, professional customer care and brillant IPL hair removal results.

Each client is given a thorough consultation with one of our friendly team members and a schedule is planned for your sessions to ensure you achieve optimal results. A lot of salons have expensive IPL treatments. We don’t thanks to some of our amazing package deals that make it very affordable for you.

Check out these amazing cost-saving IPL package deals (purchase 3 sessions or more)


WINTER SPECIALS .(free under arm included)…NOW ONLY…

Special Treatment Packages (3 or more) GREAT SAVINGS $$$
Lip and Chin only $69
B/Line & U/arm only $69
Brazillian & U/arm only $89
Half arm $59
Half leg plus u/armΒ  only $95
Half leg & Bikini plus u/arm $149
Upper half leg $125
Upper half leg & Bikini $160
Full leg plus u/arm $180


Full back $99
Full back and shoulders $149
Chest and stomach $99


Like-New Skin Rejuvenation

IPL rejuvenation offers long-term and dramatic results for the treatment of skin concerns such as sun spots, age spots, pigmentation, scarring, redness (including rosacea), broken capillaries and facial veins. It’s a safe and cost-effective method for skin rejuvenation and gives you clearer, firmer, smoother and younger looking skin with little to no down time.

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