RF Fat Cavitation to help you shift some stubborn weight
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RF fat cavitation to help shift stubborn pounds

RF fat cavitation to help shift stubborn pounds

Vyve has an amazing Fat Blasting Treatment that utilises a unique cavitation technology that allows for non-invasive removal of stubborn fat deposits.

Fat cavitation Vyve Eltham

Non-surgical liposuction treatments

Stubborn fat deposits. They’re the bain of our existence (women and men), and there are plenty of ways to approach losing fat but there’s one technique that I highly recommend after working with dozens of clients at Vyve.

Our Fat Cavitation treatment and skin tightening is based on a safe ultrasound stimulation that works right down to the deeper visceral fats.

This enables a local release of lipolytic hormone. This process helps to transform the fat cells to energy which are then used up by our body within six hours of treatment generally by exercising.

Apart from physical exercise and healthier nutrition choices, no other solution has been proven as effective to activate the natural way to lose fat as LIPOLYSIS (the hormone that is released during fat cavitation treatments).

Yes, the effects are long lasting as the ultrasound stimulation bypasses our central nervous system so no fat rebound effect is observed.

The good news is Vyve Beauty & Wellness in Eltham has an awesome fat blaster package on offer – only $899 for six treatments and two non-surgical liposuction sessions to assist further in helping you achieve your goal (value $1799).

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