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Tuscan Tan Vyve Eltham

Tuscan Tan Spray Tanning

At Vyve we are committed to using the best spray tan in the world, Tuscan Tan, which continues to dominate any Google search results for ‘what’s the best fake tan’ or ‘where to get the best professional spray tan’. It’s all about the colour, and what truly sets Tuscan Tan apart for professional spray tans and a self tan range is the exclusive Violet-Tone Complex, which completely eliminates any chance of those unsightly orange undertones common in spray tanning.

This world-exclusive colour technology mimics naturally tanned skin tones with 100% accuracy and the colour adapts to any skin types so any depth of colour can be achieved. Products are all natural and top quality and the colour lasts for over a week before fading. It really is the best fake tan in the business and our little Eltham tanning room is constantly in use!

Tuscan Tan – Standard $45
Tuscan Tan – Rapid $50

Tuscan Tan Eltham