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Dee energy healing Vyve Eltham

A personal energy healing session in Eltham

No.1 for Melbourne energy healing

Dee, the owner and creator of Vyve Beauty & Wellness, has built a reputation in Australia and overseas for her powerful energy healing sessions in Melbourne over the past decade. If you’re feeling exhausted, run down, suffering anxiety or simply ‘not feeling yourself’, an energy healing session with Dee will help balance you emotionally, give you more clarity, understanding and help get you back on track.

Peaceful state of mind

Dee’s Melbourne energy healing sessions have achieved great results in helping people of all ages achieve a calmer and more peaceful state of mind. After a session with Dee, all her clients speak of decreased anxiety, being less overwhelmed, gained more clarity, positivity and having a more balanced state of mind.

Dee has worked with children, young adults through to the elderly suffering from stress and anxiety. Dee’s sessions have had profound results with pregnancy, and loves working with pregnant mothers and their baby (fetus). At Vyve, we have countless testimonials and people of all walks of life more than happy to vouch for the benefits and, in many cases, life-changing results they’ve achieved from energy healing sessions with Dee.

During these sessions, Dee offers her clients guidance, support and tools to help them navigate their way through life. The sessions release ‘blocks’, and negative programming  which are causing them to feel ‘stuck’, confused, unmotivated, exhausted, lack clarity & motivation in moving forward.

Dee’s advanced spiritual knowledge can assist those wanting to learn more about the 5th dimension, Ascension and Mastery. Dee’s sessions can help merge timelines, shift paradigms, cancel out contracts for a  deeper soul healing.

These powerful sessions have helped Vyve Beauty & Wellness become the No.1 centre for Melbourne energy healing.

A physical reflection

Dee believes our physical body reflects our external stress. The times in your life when you have experienced deep feelings of grief, anger, guilt, shame, abandonment, rejection, hurt, resentment (just to name a few) are stored energetically within the body. Often we feel we’ve ‘done the work’, or ‘it’s behind me’, or ‘I’m over it, that happened so long ago’, but the truth of it is, energetically, the pain is still held deep within the body.

Dee believes these emotions are stored within causing disharmony, distress, discomfort and even disease. She cannot stress enough how important it is to ‘clear’, ‘unblock’ and ‘release’ these emotions so you can create your own wellness, and vitality, find more balance and harmony in your life

We store emotional pain from past lives and can hold it energetically within the body, but this can be released within energy sessions and can have massive benefits to your mental, emotional and physical well being  It’s time to experience the best for Melbourne energy healing sessions.

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60min $95  |  75min $110

Dee Vyve Eltham

Heart Journey Series

Dee recommends her powerful and life-changing ‘Heart Journey’ workshops, for those who are more serious about developing spiritually and emotionally… therefore finding your true self, for a happier and more fulfilling life ahead.

For anyone wanting to meet Dee before committing to her Heart Journey series, an energy session is also the perfect introduction.


Reiki Training

Dee also runs courses to help you understand how to use energy for your own self energy healing. She believes everyone is intuitive, anyone can learn to heal themselves, and develop their own form of mediumship to “tune in” to receive guidance. “They just need to understand and learn how to work with energy,” Dee says. “Healing pain within the body raises your vibration, therefore raising your own intuitive ability and connection with the spirit world.”


Wellness Workshops & Courses