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Vyve Revive Facial

When time of the essence and your skin is in desperate need of a pick me up, this is the ideal treatment for you. The time is spent entirely customized to your skin’s needs. Whether it be deep hydration of dull and dry skin or balancing oil-clogged pores, your skin will feel clean, fresh, clear and totally revived. One of the best on the scene in Eltham beauty services.

Vyve Revive 45 mins $95
Mini Revive 30 mins $65

Ultimate Revive – Back massage plus Mini Revive 60 mins $109

Vyve Ultimate Revive

Beautiful You

Our popular Beautiful You experience at Vyve Beauty & Wellness in Eltham is a wonderful facial using our organic range of products which hydrate, balance and restore. Vliss Organics contain powerful anti-oxidants and anti-ageing serums, oils and creams which not only significantly reduce fine lines but also have amazing benefits in soothing and strengthening super sensitive and irritated skin. Vliss Organics restores your skin’s PH balance as well as leaving you feeling relaxed and radiant. Beautiful inside and out.

Beautiful You 60mins $115

Beautiful You Extra Glow (includes micro) $125
Beautiful Inside & Out (includes a 30mins Wellness Balance) $160

Brightening Facial

This is one of Vyve’s favourites, an intensive vitamin and antioxidant facial using a powerful Vitamin C peel off mask which completely nourishes and brightens your entire complexion. You’ll be the envy of all your friends with your youthful, fresh and sexy glow!

The Brightening Facial begins with Vyve’s thorough deep cleansing regime, Bha/Aha peel, and a micro diamond tip system stimulates collagen while removing dead skin and unclogging pores to fresher and smoother looking skin. A specialized vitamin C peel off mask is applied using the latest ingredients and breakthrough technologies to promote collagen production that will stimulate cell renewal and skin elasticity, plumping both deep and fine lines. This mask relaxes the features and smooths the skin, giving an instantly more youthful and radiant appearance. Feel even more pampered with Vyve’s signature face, neck, decolletage and shoulder massage.
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Brightening facial 60 mins $129

Body Brightening (Brightening facial & back scrub and massage) 90 mins $175
Shine Bright Inside & Out (Brightening Facial & 30 mins Wellness Balance)  $175

Vyve Beauty Wellness Brightening

Dermalogica Age Smart Facial

This one-hour Dermalogica facial in our Eltham beauty salon combines Botanicals and intensive cosmeceutical products which will not only delight your senses but reduce deepness of wrinkles, improve skins tone as well as energizing, nourishing and hydrating the skin. It’s a divine experience and each facial treatment is customized to your exact skin needs. Beginning with a professional double cleanse, face mapping, exfoliation, (steam and extraction if required), toner, eye cream, moisturizers, botanical oil infusions, masque and solar defence. Honestly, it is Dermalogica Delish!

Age Smart 60 minutes $115
Age Smart with  micro $130
Dermalogica Teen $90 (Facial designed for the “teen”)
Dermalogica Delish  90 mins $155

Vvye Dermalogica Teen

Goddess Facial

A truly divine spa facial experience that will take you on a sensory journey and make you feel just like Cleopatra. A perfect blend of absolute relaxation, active beauty treatments and the use of potent cosmeceutical correctives will have you ready and waiting to be escorted to your throne. Beginning with a sacred welcoming ceremony and a foot pampering ritual fit for a Goddess, a foot soak and decadent scrub, mask and massage sets the mood. This triple action facial delivers powerful results treating wrinkles and fine lines, stimulating collagen production and leaving you feeling nourished, nurtured and radiating like a Goddess.

This treatment consists of: deep cleansing exfoliation to smooth and shine and an intensive collagen mask to repair and stimulate your own collagen production; intensive age-defying face, neck and shoulder massage all combined to revitalize the face’s energy centres and reawaken the essential functions of the cells. The face is given renewed fullness and vitality with concentrated vitamin and anti-oxidant infusions. This heavenly treatment is completed with a hand scrub and massage, leaving you enriched, nurtured and simply beaming like a Goddess.
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Goddess Facial 90 mins $180
Ultimate Goddess (includes 30 mins wellness balance) 120 mins $225

Vyve Goddess Eltham

Skin Consultation

We are passionate about achieving your desired skin care goals, with state-of-the-art skincare and technology. We meet challenging skin conditions head-on. Throughout a thorough skin diagnosis and discussion about your skin concerns, listening to your needs, we take into consideration your existing home use and design your very own individualized skin treatment program and skincare regime.

30 mins $50 (redeemable with any treatment or product purchase on the day)


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