Live your life from a heart space and thrive on inspiration
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It’s time to live from a heart space

It’s time to live from a heart space

Ever wondered why you are so driven to achieve success? Coming from the heart space is the only way you can find balance and, more importantly, the inspiration you need to be truly successful and happy in life.

Fixated on achieving

OFTEN family and society have taught us to forget the past, prompting us to move on and forget what’s happened with a “what’s done is done!” kind of attitude.

Pain, conflict, or trauma isn’t spoken about, often swept under the carpet as life goes on. So we keep going because that’s what we’ve been taught, and we often become fixated on ‘achieving’. We become so focused and passionate about it so much that success becomes our driving force!

Does your life have balance?

Our drive for success can result in an unbalanced home life. Have you ever stopped and wondered why you are losing yourself in work or your loving relationships are suffering? Have you asked yourself at what expense is this costing your health and your happiness? It doesn’t mean giving up success, but it does mean finding balance in work with your love and family life.

Our fears from our past very often create an unhealthy drive that doesn’t serve our soul. Moving past trauma, especially childhood trauma of any kind, without reflecting and understanding the pain it caused you can create an internal dialogue based on fears, negative thoughts that drive you but don’t serve your greater good. The driving force to succeed no matter the cost can be destructive for your well-being.

“Our fears from our past very often create an unhealthy drive that doesn’t serve our soul.”

Your heart should be your driving force

When it is your belief that you need to work harder to achieve wealth, love and success, you are separating from your innate ability to succeed. Your heart should be your driving force. What feels right? If you keep going like a ‘bull at a gate’ thinking that’s the way life has to be, then you’re heading towards destruction.

And that means it could be the beginning of the down turn of your physical health, mental health, anxiety and possibly depression, loneliness and physical imbalances. Not to mention your relationships!

The need to succeed comes from our ‘Ego’. It’s a fear that if we don’t succeed, we’ve made nothing out of ourselves, and we’ve failed. Ego makes us believe we must be at the forefront of success.

Finding deeper meaning

But that driving force gives you the motivation to keep going no matter what obstacle is in your way but it’s all driven from FEAR. Ask yourself: what is all this drive for success for aside from financial gain and recognition? Or are you stuck in a relationship because you feel that if you leave, you’ve failed? Ask yourself another question: Are you loving where you are at present?

The No.1 question for true success is do I LOVE what I do? Am I motivated or am I inspired? Inspiration comes from the heart and a love for what you do. If you’re passionate and love what you’re doing, do you have balance? If not, it’s because of your fear! Fear of failure, fear of doubt, fear of not being good enough, fear of losing money or your job if you don’t put in all the hours.

“The No.1 question for true success is do I LOVE what I do? Am I motivated or am I inspired? Inspiration comes from the heart and a love for what you do.”

Be inspired, work smarter

If you work from inspiration, you receive the information to work smarter and connect on a different level to attract faster results. You/or your team become more “inspired” as opposed to “needing” to be motivated.

Through the powerful Law of Vibration, you attract exactly what you are wanting… a perfect job, the love of your life, happiness and abundance.

When is it time to call it quits on your ‘old ways’ and achieve balance? It takes courage, strength and personal growth in releasing your FEARS. In 2019, if we don’t come from our heart space and realize the power of the heart, then our life will become more challenged than ever before. You will begin to feel the “blocks”, you will be pulled in the right direction and encouraged by your higher self to make changes.

You will be coming from the heart. You will be inspired.

~ Dee 🙂

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