Inner healing and the emotional roller coaster within
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Inner healing & the emotional roller coaster

Inner healing & the emotional roller coaster

Our deep core wounds take the longest to unravel and resolve and, as they do, it becomes a challenging time but this is when we do our greatest inner healing. It’s time to embrace the change.

Healing comes in cycles

OUR inner healing, if you haven’t noticed, comes in cycles. First, we heal on an emotional level, which leads to reversal of miasms (predisposition to disease) at the cellular level, which then leads to repair and renewal of our physical body.

For those who feel like they are on a constant emotional roller coaster, our deep core wounds take the longest to unravel and resolve. As they do, it’s a challenging time… but this is when we do our greatest healing.

These “core” wounds are found deep within and stay hidden until you consciously become aware they need to heal. That’s why emotional healing feels like a roller coaster: you’re up and then you’re down.


Acknowledge the fear

In my energy sessions, I always ask my clients what they are most fearful of. Feeling rejected, abandoned and left on their own (loneliness) are the common emotions that are most feared.

Once you’ve identified which emotion you are fearful of, then it’s time to release the memories associated with it. For example, you suffer anxiety and sometimes on the ‘down’ times it becomes so overwhelming that you feel alone and isolated. So loneliness is the feeling you need to tune in to.

Feel into all the times you’ve felt this deep loneliness. As a toddler, adolescent, teenager, or young adult. Then it’s about releasing the events which caused the loneliness. (Writing or being in a meditative state is the ideal place to do this energy work). Ask yourself, ‘Where am I feeling this loneliness within my physical body?’ It’ll tell you within 3 seconds. Then concentrate, focus and imagine placing it in the universal golden light and watch it disappear.

Keep asking, as it’ll be stored throughout your body, in the heart, lungs, back, legs, kidneys. Then release the energy before saying to yourself, “From all dimensions of time, space and reality, I release, transmute and vapourise this loneliness and send it into the golden light of the creator.”

You will feel a very different immediately.


Emotional rejection

Another common emotion I work on with my clients is rejection, especially those who are wanting to find their True Love but have given up or are tired of meeting the wrong guy or girl.

They often fear rejection so if you FEAR rejection then you will ATTRACT rejection (Law of Attraction). There will often be a traumatic situation which has caused them to feel deeply rejected, either by a parent, or being bullied at school and rejected by friendship groups, rejection by a boyfriend they truly loved, or rejected within in a marriage: especially due to an affair.

Rejection is common, so, if this is relevant to you, begin to focus on all situations of rejection and release them from your physical body. Until the energy has been released, you will keep attracting relationships where the end result can only end in rejection.


Becoming more conscious

It’s really important to become “more conscious”. We can often see how others need to heal, how they need to “take a good look at themselves”, but when it comes to ourselves we often feel we are just fine, when it’s actually far from the truth.

Well, if you are not happy, and creating the life you truly deserve then you aren’t being fully conscious. Begin or continue your healing journey, asking yourself, What am I most scared about? What is my biggest fear? Feel into the emotion and release this deep, heavy energy which has been holding you back probably most of your life, creating all those negative outcomes.

This year has been a full-on year with powerful eclipses, blood full moons, solar flares, Venus and Mercury retrogrades where the universe is literally pulling these denser energies deep within you to the surface – just like the moon controls the tides of an ocean, it controls the movement of your emotions.


Healing needs to be done

It’s bringing them to the surface for you to recognise that you have healing that needs to be done. These are the times you’re at the lowest point of your roller coaster ride, and you need to dig deep and be courageous to find your answers without being afraid.

It’s scarier and much harder holding on to the pain than observing it’s release out of your body. Afterwards, you can feel the benefits of feeling free, opening your heart and mind and co-creating your life to its full potential where all possibilities can become your reality.

Also remember, meditation, learning Reiki 1, doing yoga, and having an energy healing all assist you in becoming more aware, so you become more conscious about what’s going on within.

You are a Soul, solely here to evolve! This life journey you are blessed to participate in is for you to learn from all that’s happened to you and evolve. If you stop evolving you lose your way. If you’ve allowed your past to keep you stuck, then now is the time to let it go.

~ Dee 🙂

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