Dee's Workshops Eltham
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Dee’s Workshops

Dee’s Workshops

2020 is a year of great change, the year to stretch yourself, connect deep within to follow your own inner guidance, tap into your ingenious zone and create the wealth, abundance and happiness you all truly deserve. You ONLY need to believe in yourself, open your mind, open your heart, have greater awareness, acceptance of self and universal understanding and you put yourself in the drivers seat for creating an amazing year.

It’s a time of great transformation, collapsing of old ways or habits, for letting go – so buckle up and hold on, you’re all in for an exhilarating decade! 

The demand for my Energy Sessions continue to grow and a great passion of mine is being able to help change lives for the better.

I’ve carefully designed ‘Dee’s Workshops’; life-changing interactive workshops that allow me to impart some wisdom, provide you with customised guidance and share with you my deep spiritual knowledge in an intimate and nurturing space at Vyve.

Another big passion is helping you better understand this complicated thing called life in the best way that I know how. My aim is to also help you harness a deeper knowledge of why certain things happen and facilitate a belief within you that, despite everything that has happened in your past, you have the ability to create “A Happier You”. This means a more loving, successful, abundant and happier you.

It’s a promise of profound change.

I believe my workshops will be beneficial for those at the crossroads of life. Perhaps you are feeling confused, disconnected and maybe even “stuck”. ‘Dee’s Workshops’ are about helping you become more spiritually advanced while also giving you a chance to take some much needed time out for yourself.

It’s an opportunity to pause, take stock, and properly pursue your own truth while also becoming “a happier you” to enjoy the rest of this lifetime.

So, what actually takes place in my workshops?

I will guide you through breath work, visualisations, energy work, healing meditations and powerful life transforming discussions, very similar to what I do in my energy sessions.

You will learn daily rituals. You are given “tools” to assist in calming and clearing your mind and keep you focussed on what’s really important so you have a much more positive outlook in moving forward. You will gain a greater understanding of why life can be so challenging, throwing you so many curve balls which can often seem to repeat over and over, especially when you feel you’ve already learnt but life keeps sending you the same heartache again and again. You will also be able to assist your children suffering anxiety with the knowledge you gain from these workshops. (Dee’s workshops are also suitable for teenagers)

There are reasons for everything that happens to you and sometimes it’s difficult to accept … but it’s the truth. There are thought processes, negative programs on repeat in your mind, which you usually are not aware of.

Scientists say we are unaware of about 95% of what is occurring in our subconscious mind. When you allow the mind to be still and allow the peace and powerful universal energies to heal your heart, you will open up your subconscious mind and facilitate the beginning of a “letting go” process that goes beyond the protection of our “ego/ negative mind” to create an amazing transformation of self.

Your personality and negative behaviours are all created within your subconscious. It’s time to build an awareness and open up to a whole new empowering way of being. A discovery of your true authentic self. Once this happens, you will have more patience, trust, faith, acceptance and discover the positive flow of life that you truly deserve.

I look forward to going on with this empowering transformational journey with you.

Lots of love and light,


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