Journey of Motherhood - Vyve Beauty & Wellness Eltham
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Journey of Motherhood

Powerful sessions for motherhood

These powerful sessions are focused on having a positive impact on the mother to be, fetus and baby. Sessions can begin before conception, throughout pregnancy, before and after birth. The energy work within these sessions are designed to assist with conception and preparing the mother, to be strong and healthy emotionally and physically. Whether you are preparing for pregnancy, under IVF or actually pregnant, these healings sessions are beneficial for motherhood.

We take on so much energy from our own mother and memories of past life experiences contribute to our own worries and fears. We believe this can have an enormous impact on falling pregnant as the health of the uterus, ovaries and reproductive glands can all be affected. How you cope with motherhood, the anxiety, depressed thoughts and typically deep fears you have for your child can all affect your own physical and mental health as well as your baby’s and even affect conception.

These healing sessions work on a physical level, releasing lower vibrational energies and thoughts from your physical body putting it in great health and strength to support a child if it is your soul path to be a mother. The sessions can work alongside IVF in preparing your uterus to accept and support a fetus or work within your own reproductive system, so falling pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby is possible.

On an emotional and mental level, these healing sessions can help release deep fears and concerns you have about bringing a baby into the world, being a supportive mum who is capable of being strong, caring and unconditionally loving your baby.
Fears and doubts relating to your own relationship with your mother (or painful past-life “mother” experiences) can surface when you’re planning a family or being pregnant and can become incredibly overwhelming.

Very often these thoughts are deep within our subconscious and make us doubt ourselves, create overwhelming anxiety, deep fears and unnecessary stress and worry. Healing sessions can teach you to reclaim your own power, strength and confidence in being the best person and mother you can be.

You will feel empowered and create your own journey with your baby, guiding them through with strength, positivity and wisdom without doubt, fears, beliefs and “conditions” you learnt from the community and family. Motherhood Journey will have a profound effect on your entire energy system, thought processes and life in general.

3 x 60 min sessions $360

To benefit from Motherhood Journey, Heart Journey 1, is highly recommended, unless you are a healer, or if you have Reiki 1 & 2 certificates. Even then though, Heart Journey 1 is incredibly powerful and blends together for the ultimate Motherhood Journey experience.