Business and Career Journey

Business and Career Journey

Energy healing sessions can play such an importnt role in your career whether it’s running your own business, working for someone, or not knowing what direction you want to go in and feeling really stuck. If you’re wanting to go out on your own but your fears of Failure are holding you back, these energy healing sessions will release the fears, often these fears are ancient energies that you’ve held for lifetimes. It’s time to unleash them and live your truth and step into your power.

If you have taken over a business and having challenges with staff &/or an ex business partner so much of their negative energy “curses” can affect the success of the business. Anyone wishing you to fail and causing you grief can significantly alter the progress of your business. I have worked with many business owners who have had tremendous success in regaining control of a business that was spiralling downwards, or unnecessary conflicts and stress,  all due to other people’s negative intentions, halting the financial and structural progress of their business. If the foundations aren’t stable, including the energetic foundations of your business, it is opens the door for constant instability.

Fearing you are going to fail is so common and stops you from being the empowered, inspired and clever business person you know you are. These fears can be so deeply ingrained into your subconscious you don’t realise you are sabotaging your own success. These powerful thought processes will keep you stuck and frustrated or halt you in your progress as you’ve lost your drive cos of the overwhelming thoughts of failure. This can also lead to an unbalanced work/family life as “your need to please” becomes a little obsessive as you are worried you’ll disappoint someone and fail to please them. Work becomes stressful, your expectations of yourself become so high it increases your anxiety, stress levels highten and life becomes totally unbalanced, no room to laugh, play and enjoy life. It is imperative you have drive but not when your drive comes from “Fear”. No decisons made from fear are the right ones for our well being, success and happiness.

75mins $120


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