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Journey Of Love - Vyve Beauty & Wellness Eltham
Journey Of Love - Vyve Beauty & Wellness Eltham
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Journey Of Love

Empowered to manifest love

Disheartened from not meeting someone special and you’re beginning to give up hope? Tired of attracting the same type of person, all with similar traits and you don’t share the same values and morals?

Been badly abused or hurt and scared of committing but feeling lonely and wanting someone special in your life? Maybe your ex displayed Narcissistic behaviour: mental, emotional and physical abuse that has left you traumatised and too scared for another relationship?

Journey of Love is a powerful journey into “self” and manifesting your desired partner. You will participate in fun yet powerful sacred rituals, receive “law of attraction” crystal grids and powerful energy work which will release deep seated fears, severe ties with ex-partners and any ‘hooks’ they have energetically burdened you with. Any Karmic patterns with ex-lovers will be cleared and severed so you attract a partner who comes from the heart. You’re given a take-home “tool kit” including crystals, smudge stick and your own power symbol infused with affirmations and universal energies to assist in healing your heart and attracting “Mr Right” or “Miss Right”. With an open mind and open heart, Journey of Love will have you releasing those unwanted, often ancient thought patterns of not feeling “deserving”,“worthy” and “good enough”. You will know your value, self worth, exactly who you want, who you deserve and you’ll see first hand the universal magic in finding your “true love”.

Note: Dee strongly recommends Heart Journey 1 & Heart Journey 2 as powerful pre-requisites especially if you have suffered any previous abuse and trauma.

Finding love within is a foundational practice to attract love in relationships. To create anything in your life, you have to know that it starts from within you. What you feel inside, you will attract in another. If you’re scared of being lonely and being rejected, often the relationship will lead to loneliness and rejection. You are the answer to feeling connected. You are what you’re looking for. You need to love and appreciate you, feel deserving and worthy of true love and true joy. By knowing and understanding this truth, you create a solid foundation for manifesting love in all aspects of your life, and attracting that beautiful Soul partner, your ultimate ‘Twin Flame’.

Love is an energy. It’s a frequency that we align to from within. Whether it’s attracting unavailable partners or perpetually feeling unsatisfied in relationships, the patterns we find ourselves stuck in won’t dissipate until you’ve released the fears and found that deep love and connection with self.

Love is a quality that we already have within ourselves. Not only that, but it’s a quality that we can feel with others as much as we can feel on our own.The experience of love is not dependent on other people because it’s simply what we are. It can be as normal as breathing. It can be our nature — if we allow it to be. This love is timeless, unconditional, uncontainable, and ever-present. Once you have a true belief and understanding of Love, the fears all release and dissipate from your body, nothing is holding you back, true happiness, joy and absolute abundance awaits…

70 mins $120