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Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety relief: the pathway to coping

Anxiety can be debilitating and coping can mean such choices as preferring to stay at home because the outside world seems too exhausting, frightening and overwhelming.

When anxiety strikes, the energy that runs through your meridians (energy lines) and charkras (energy centres) goes haywire. A big part of the energy can shoot up into the heart, which produces heavy breathing and heart palpitations. The right and left part of the brain become unbalanced and thinking clearly becomes almost impossible.

The root cause is the energy with which the cycle of anxiety started, perhaps an event from childhood, your adult life, but also from your birth and the time you were in the womb. Once we have found the true cause of the anxiety, we release this energetic information from your system and replace it with life-affirming and calming energy. When this is done, the energy can re-align and the healing happens.

Dee has been doing energy healing work for over a decade. Through her own traumatic experiences she has used her spiritual knowledge to develop strength mentally to cope with depression, post traumatic stress and anxiety. Dee has worked with countless people over the years, including suicidal teenagers whose parents had tried everything. Energy work was their turning point in getting their happy and confident teenager back.

Adults: 70min $120 | Children & Teens: 45min $85

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