Powerful Healings - Vyve Beauty & Wellness Eltham
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Powerful Healings

Get ready for deep positive change

These powerful healings are deeper sessions for those wanting to move to the next step in their personal growth and have a primary focus to align with their True Self and optimal destiny tracks. This form of energy healing sessions created here in Melbourne have a clear focus and help you expand your spiritual awareness, make meaningful connections, heal multi-lifetime karmic patterns, help develop loving relationships and achieve personal and professional goals.


Discover a deep connection with self to help attract your Twin Flame or ideal soul partner. Sever ties with ex partners, help overcome nasty and traumatic separations to release fears and rediscover your true value and worth. Deep fears of loneliness (often from past lives) cause you to be scared and hesitant to open your heart which creates barriers and superficial relationships which often end in heartache and loneliness. Heart Journey 1 is a fantastic prerequisite for Love Journey.


Energy work is effective in preparing you emotionally, mentally and physically for conception, pregnancy and motherhood, preparing mother and baby for birth. A great integrative therapy ideal for those who have had countless attempts trying to fall pregnant naturally or on IVF, if you’re terribly ill throughout pregnancy, or fearful of birth or motherhood.


Energy healing has achieved profoundly successful results for clients who have come to us with anxiety. It helps in creating a more peaceful and calm mind, gives you strength, clarity and understanding of what has caused the anxiety and gives you some tools to help overcome it. Feel empowered rather than always being controlled by negative and fear-based emotions. These sessions can work wonderfully well in conjunction with your Wellness program whether it be with a counsellor, doctor, psychologist and/or medication. We believe what we offer can work wonders and complement traditional medical pathways to wellness.


Vyve’s energetic business healings can clear negative energetic patterns surrounding your business, help you move forward confidently, with a clearer and calmer mind, and assist you in manifesting a more relaxed and balanced life. Designed for those who’s life is dedicated to a lot of work and very little play. Do you feel anxious regarding money, bills, staff/co-workers, or feel you’re losing control, fear failure and loss? These energetic business sessions can assist you immensely. Just another reason why Vyve has become the best Melbourne energy healing centre that attracts clients from interstate and overseas as well.