5 heavenly reasons to book a Shelley Special massage in Eltham
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Massage in Eltham? Try our Shelley Special

Massage in Eltham? Try our Shelley Special

Massage in ELTHAM ANYONE? Christmas is coming, the kids are already home from school, there’s either too much to organise or you’re on the brink of burn out as end of year work intensifies. A Shelley Special massage in Eltham at Vyve Beauty & Wellness is screaming your name! Here are 5 reasons why you need one right now.

One… Stress be gone

Our Shelley Special relaxation massage in Eltham has a point of difference – it’s designed to relax the muscles and help you unwind, but Shelley’s spiritual healing approach adds another layer. Double the bang for your back in helping reduce those stress levels and come away feeling revived and ready for the summer.

Two… Did someone say relax?

You better believe it’s relaxing. As one of our clients, Ros, said about this time last year: “I’ve completely turned to jelly and I’m floating in heaven.” Yep, Shelley’s touch is heavenly. An experienced massage therapist who knows how to delicately remove tension. Close your eyes, surrender and let the magic begin.

Three… Better circulation

Hands-on pressure for 75 minutes can only help improve circulation, especially if you do it regularly enough (at least once a month). Improved blood circulation opens the flow of the required rich blood supply to sore, stiff and tense muscles to promote healing.

Four… It improves posture

We Aussies experience back, shoulder and neck pain for many reasons but one big reason is poor posture. Shelley Special massages in Eltham’s Vyve Beauty & Wellness can go a long way towards helping get the body back into proper alignment. This is one of the most beneficial and relaxing aspects of massage therapy. Consistent massages allow the body’s muscles to loosen and relax. The joints have more flexibility, range of motion and pressure points are given some relief. All this helps the body position itself in an organic and healthy posture.

Five… It’s extremely good value

Now is a great time to cash in on the amazing value of a Shelley Special at only $75 for 75 luxurious minutes of heavenly massage. Why such good value? We’re a beautiful beauty and wellness centre with gorgeous recently renovated rooms. You feel the love as soon as you walk into Vyve and have a massage in Eltham. Shelley is an experienced Melbourne massage specialist with a unique approach to ensuring you walk away feeling completely relaxed and recharged.

Our Shelley Special massage in Eltham at Vyve is $75 for 75 minutes and is available at this crazy price for a short time. Book now online (below) or call 9431 0005 to make your appointment.

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