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Sodalite Heart Stones

$22.00$66.00 inc. GST


BENEFITS: Intuition, Self Expression & Focus

Sodalite unites logic and intuition together, bringing information from the higher mind to the physical level. This stone help in the seeking of truth making it possible to remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs. It can help clear electromagnetic energies from computers and other electronic equipment. Sodalite can also bring emotional balance and can be helpful in times of stress or panic. Sodalite helps get rid of guilty feelings and irrational fears. It helps to release our fears that hold us back from being who we truly are, promoting self esteem, self acceptance and self trust.

Its harmonising effect goes beyond that of simply mind and body, it is also great to have in the home or work place as it brings people together. Sodalite’s harmonising effect is excellent for communication, ability to speak freely and express feelings in a group environment.

CHAKRA: Throat & Third Eye

ELEMENT: Water & Air

ZODIAC: Sagittarius

Price per stone. Available in two sizes.

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Sodalite can be easily cleaned at home with warm soapy water. Care should be taken in avoiding exposure to high heat, pressure, and harsh chemicals. Sodalite should be stored separately wrapped in a soft cloth or fabric-lined box to prevent scratches and fractures.


*Images are an indication only. Actual stone may vary in size, shape and texture as they are a natural product.

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Please note: While we try to ensure adequate stock is always available, for urgent orders we recommend you give us a call at the salon to confirm prior to placing an order.