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Agna Smudge Sticks – Inner Strength

A powerful smudge stick made in Australia from Grass Tree, Bracken & Tea Tree.

This blend assists you to connect to your own inner strength through outer action and deep inner stillness.

Grass Tree: Sacred masculine, igniting the inner warrior, strength to stand your ground.

Bracken: Grounding, focus and order.

Tea Tree: Yin & yang balance, cleansing, detoxifying, purifying.

Cleanse your mind, body and spirit with this unique smudge stick which is suitable for burning on charcoal blocks or in small cauldrons. Throughout history the art of smudging has been used for purifying and clearing areas and people. Can also be added to incense blends, mojo bags or herbal sachets.

These smudge sticks were gathered, bound by hand and sun dried naturally and features the same ingredients and plants as the aboriginals used in the past. It is all natural and nothing is wasted when making these products.

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Simply light the stick and circulate it around your body and surroundings. Use your intuition to create your personal ritual or desired manifestation. If your intention is clear and your heart is in the right place, you can’t go wrong.

Wave the smoke of your sage into all corners of your home, across doorways and into shadow spaces.

Once the space is cleared, allow the sage bundle to either burn out or gently press it out in your heat-proof shell or container.

Smudge sticks absorb moisture easily so keep them wrapped and dry.

Please note: While we try to ensure adequate stock is always available, for urgent orders we recommend you give us a call at the salon to confirm prior to placing an order.