Riffi Original Exfoliating Mitt


Widely considered by beauty professionals to be the best exfoliating mitts available, Riffi Original Exfoliating Mitts are a must-have in every shower. Use every day in the shower to apply your shower gel: the exfoliating massage action keeps the skin smooth and soft, as well as stimulating circulation. Regular use can even help combat the appearance of cellulite.

Please note: Riffi Mitts come in a random selection of colours and patterns. The mitts pictured are an example only.

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  • Ideal for use prior to applying self-tanner, and to keep your Brazilian wax well maintained and ingrown-free.
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Invigorates blood flow
  • Results in smoother, clearer, better toned skin
  • It even helps to combat cellulite
  • Prevents callouses and releases ingrown hairs
  • Super hygenic and durable through Riffi original fibre


  • 50% polyethylene, 50% polyester


  • All skin types.