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'Empower' Mist Spray - Vyve Beauty & Wellness Eltham
'Empower' Mist Spray - Vyve Beauty & Wellness Eltham
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‘Empower’ Mist Spray

$29.95 inc. GST

Size: 200ml

Allows you to believe in yourself and trust in the process of life.

Enables you to accept change in creating a new direction.

Amplifies your inner strength and empowerment by releasing self-doubt.

Reveals clarification of goals and ability to step into your truth.

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The mists are created by Vyve’s energy Practioner, Dee, who has been making these amazing mists for over a decade. Dee, has just finished reprogramming and creating these powerful new mists: Protection and Empower. They are a fabulous gift idea and must have for wellbeing. Each mist is made with 100% pure essential oils, purified water, scared symbols and paired with beautifully cleansed and programmed crystals.

Spray left, above your head, and then right, creating a pyramid type formation. Spray over your solar plexus when needed, taking slow deep breaths and repeating an affirmation several times, eg: “Everything in my world is perfect, whole and complete. And so it is…”.

Vibrational infusion of universal energies, sacred geometry, specific crystals, solarised water and essential oils, lemongrass, orange and geranium.

Please note: While we try to ensure adequate stock is always available, for urgent orders we recommend you give us a call at the salon to confirm prior to placing an order.