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Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stones

$4.00 inc. GST

CRYSTAL / STONE: Black Tourmaline

BENEFITS: Supportive

Black Tourmaline (Schrol) is a very supportive stone that protects us from external influences, dispersing stress, tension and negative energy. It grounds and anchors light energy within the physical body, promoting inner wisdom, mastery, individuality, stability, courage and patience being peace to the heart and mind. Black Tourmaline also protects against the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation and inharmonious energies.



ZODIAC: Libra, Capricorn

Price per stone.


Tumbled Stones are excellent to carry for their vibrational effect and healing benefits, or to use in crystal healing. Tumbled stones also look beautiful when placed decoratively in your environment such as scattered on your coffee table or desk.


You can use any method for cleansing crystals. If you have it in an environment where there is an influx of electrical energy and EMF’s or where there are lots of negative people, it may be beneficial to cleanse it regularly.

Although this black stone transmutes negativity, which may mean that it may not need cleansing to remove negative vibrations, this may depend on how much negativity the stone is dealing with, and the size of the piece.

Cleansing it would be helpful to make sure that the negativity that it is dealing with has not been too high for its size and what its doing to help you.
*Image is an indication only. Actual stone may vary in size, shape and texture as they are a natural product.

Please note: While we try to ensure adequate stock is always available, for urgent orders we recommend you give us a call at the salon to confirm prior to placing an order.