This week's Lionsgate portal unleashes powerful energies
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Lionsgate portal unleashes powerful energies

Lionsgate portal unleashes powerful energies

Don’t underestimate the power of universal activity and how it affects the way you feel. Right now we’re experiencing a once-a-year event called Lionsgate. And it’s good news.

Not feeling yourself lately?

Have you been feeling off balance, dizzy, or have headaches or your mind is a little foggy? Maybe you’re  uncertain with your direction? Overwhelming anxiety maybe rearing it’s head again?

You may be experiencing the powerful energies from the Lionsgate portal which opened on the 26th July to the 12th August – the actual Loinsgate being the 8th day of the 8th month.

It’s a time of great change, where we rid yourself of bad habits and old negative ways, all assisting you in a ‘clearing out’ to make way for the new … new beginnings and a new empowering way of thinking and feeling.

Don’t panic, you’re okay

If your life has been in conflict with what you are wanting, you will be noticing intense physical change. Don’t panic, you’re okay. You are actually more than okay: you are opening yourself to a more fulfilling life, one full of joy, passion, love and abundance. It is a time of great change!

In simple terms, Lionsgate portal opens when the sun is in Leo and the star Sirius is closest to the Earth and aligns in Orion’s belt. The powerful combination of these energies are creating the gateway to the New Earth.

It’s a spiritual awakening which creates intense change within you. One that “shakes” you up to see the light, to absorb the light so you start searching for a sustained state of joy.  

Finding your joy

Joy is a life force energy that you need to actualise/build  toward under this Leo (Lion) Sun…as you learn to harness and hold onto your incredible (solar, sun) power in the body, you are clearing away any opposing force that is obstructing it.

As you fall in love with life with a fiery joy and passion, your world will respond by sending to you more joyous, passion-filled experiences.

During this time you are going to be reminded that you are connected to the Universe and that you hold an innate wisdom and power to create your reality through your thoughts and perceptions.

The dirt, dust or mud covering your diamond within wants to be cleansed to finally shine bright.

Set yourself free

So, now is the time you are yearning to be free: free of past conditioning, past traumas and challenges… let them go. Go within and start focusing on what makes you shine bright?

What fills you with joy? What is missing in your life? It  is an important time to manifest abundance, come from the heart and ask yourself what do I really want?  What makes my heart sing? Put it out there by writing it down, create a journal, meditate, pray, make a simple vision board and watch what unfolds.

But in saying that, be careful what you wish for… because you want to make sure you’re ready for when it starts manifesting 🙂

Embrace the changes

Never be scared of change. Embrace it and realise you have the right to live a life to your full potential and the change is all part of that. The opening of this Lionsgate Portal is a mystical and magical time and one that you have to experience from the heart, not the mind.

Stay open and use this energy to explore your intuition, higher realms of consciousness, and the infinite wisdom that lives inside of you.

Lots of Love & Light,

~ Dee 🙂

If you’re feeling a little flat, anxious or needing some clarity, feel free to contact us at Vyve Beauty & Wellness where we proudly take care of you with our beauty “on the inside and out” approach. We have beautiful supportive options at Vyve.  We can do this through my work (Dee’s Energy Sessions), a Vyve Wellness Balance (balance your energy centres), our Wednesday meditation classes, Reiki courses or our Women’s Circle (4-weekly sessions, conducted by gorgeous Shelley).

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