Heart Journey

Heart Journey Vyve

What is Heart Journey?

Heart Journey essentially is about releasing old ways and negative energy, getting well again and being happy within all aspects of your life. Are you sick of being tired, grieving or feeling anxious? Is it time to change direction and let go of those deeply ingrained fears obstructing your life path? Heart Journey is just what your looking for. There are four Heart Journey series, Heart Journey 1, Heart Journey  2 and Heart Journey 3 & 4 are all explained below. These sessions are powerful and are another example of Vyve Beauty & Wellness in Eltham being the No.1 Melbourne energy healing hub.

Each Heart Journey consists of four well planned powerful energy sessions, beneficial for those just beginning their journey or those who have spent years doing spiritual self-healing work and are still feeling ‘blocked’ or ‘stuck”.  *Heart Journey 1 opens you to further develop spiritually into Heart Journey 2, 3 & 4

How does it work?

Heart journey guides you through a process as you take a deeper look within yourself energetically, resulting in a calmer, stronger and more balanced you. The sessions are peaceful, relaxing and performed in a non-invasive manner. Heart Journey will give you the courage and belief in yourself to move forward.

What happens next?

You will release disempowering fears and anxiety holding you back. No matter where you are along your path, Heart Journey is incredibly beneficial in realising your true potential and fulfilling your highest destiny. Heart Journey gives you a powerful foundation which strengthens your relationship with self, creating deeper love and self acceptance. It empowers you, inspires you, helps you deepen your connection with spirit and your higher self, encouraging powerful manifestations.

What are the benefits?

  • A stronger, happier and more content you
  • Use new tools to help overcome anxiety
  • Release deep-rooted fears
  • More clarity and confidence
  • Focused and able to manifest your true desires
  • And many others

 “The universe is always working with you, not against. When you are upset, it’s simply the universe setting you up to learn something.” ~ Dee (Vyve owner/manager)




  • Create more joy, peace and bliss in your life
  • Create a healthier and stronger you
  • Increased energy, positivity and zest for life. Life becomes more exciting and fulfilling.
  • Helps overcome grief from losing someone either from death, separation or divorce which is an extremely tough, sad and lonely time.
  • Ability to cope and confidently believe in yourself to create a new fulfilling path ahead.
  • Gives you the confidence to open up to your emotions and not run away from them.
  • Creates a more positive direction in your workplace or changing and shifting negative energies relating to your business or work space. Focusing and manifesting those heart desires can assist on your career path. If you’re confused about direction, or struggling in business, shifting your energy and altering belief patterns will totally change the flow for positive outcomes.
  • Assists in overcoming illness and even disease.
  • Creates more self-love therefore opening the door to forgiving yourself and others. Forgiveness is at the core of healing. When you forgive, it allows your being and heart to heal and opens the door to physical healing.
  • Opens yourself up to true love. Most importantly, love yourself first. You cannot truly love another until you love yourself first.
  • Help overcome trauma such as sexual, physical and/or mental abuse. Heart journey’s energetic healing is extremely powerful in releasing the shame, guilt, anger, hurt etc relating to abuse. In severe cases, you’ll work through ‘The 8 Important Stages In Overcoming Abuse’ throughout Heart Journey 3 & 4.
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Heart Journey 1

Begin this incredible Heart Journey with a personal consultation with Dee, feel relaxed, comfortable and safe moving forward into your four powerful heart healing sessions.  Each session goes for 60 – 70mins, usually 2 to 3 weeks apart, and  each session is followed up by a 15-minute phone session. or several emails if that’s preferred. You are given specific ‘tools’ (a sacred geometry symbol and crystals infused energetically throughout your session) which will be an invaluable support in moving through your Heart Journey. Throughout the 8 – 10 week Heart Journey, Dee holds the space for you, and clears any issues coming up which have been blocking you and need clearing. Dee will guide and assist you throughout this powerful journey.


heart journey 1 Vyve

Heart Journey 2

Heart Journey 2 takes you through a deeper look within as the perfect next step for those who thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of Heart Journey 1. Heart Journey 2 continues your powerful and empowering journey of self-discovery, manifestation and clarification of your life direction. Heart Journey 2 creates a calmer, more peaceful and balanced you. The anger, grudges, hurts and resentments of the past begin to release, as life no longer feels full of day after day of exhaustion, effort and/or drama. Life gets easier, more fun, creativity kicks in and love begins to flow. Your own needs become important, life feels more balanced, more joyful, and you feel younger and more in control.

“It’s a journey of ‘letting go’ of the oars and flowing with the river of life, rather than paddling so hard upstream and always feeling exhausted, challenged, drained and like you’re getting nowhere.” ~ Dee (Vyve)

What you can expect to happen energetically  throughout these Heart Journey Sessions? READ MORE …

  • Release energetic patterns you are carrying from past traumas
  • Release fears holding you back from true abundance
  • Identify any part of you holding on to past emotions
  • Energetically clear your chakras and meridian points
  • Release patterns and conditioning you have picked up from parents, society, peers, religion
  • Release karmic ‘attachments’ to parents, lovers or others
  • Connect with your God/Creator self in a way you can repeat after your session
  • Release emotional ‘weight’ you may be holding in your subconscious mind
  • Bring in all of the parts of you which have not felt safe to be here until now
  • Release conflicting subconscious programs that are not healthy.
  • Cancel disempowering soul contracts
  • And lots more

    HEART JOURNEY 2    $599

    Personal consultation with Dee, 4 powerful Heart healing sessions x 70 mins, a 15-minute phone session after each session. You are given specific ‘tools’ (sacred geometry symbol and crystals infused energetically throughout your session) which will be an invaluable support in moving through your Heart Journey 2 experience.

    Heart Journey 2 Vyve

    Heart Journey 3 & 4


    Heart Journey 3 & 4 are recommended for those suffering from severe or traumatic abuse. Dee is a true survivor of physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse. Dee totally understands how any abuse, let alone severe and traumatic sexual abuse, can have such damaging effects on you emotionally, physically and mentally. Dee has set out her ‘8 Steps of Overcoming Abuse’ throughout an incredibly powerful healing journey formulated specifically for abuse victims. It’s all knowledge gained from her personal experience of what she needed to do to heal and believe in herself to find her true love, soul purpose and passion to help heal others – Dee’s result is creating Vyve Beauty and Wellness, the leading centre for Melbourne energy healing. Dee’s guidance, love and caring support will help you reclaim your power and  inner strength, find the courage to live a well deserving, fulfilling, balanced and happy life minus the disempowering, negative, destructive thoughts and feelings. Heart Journey 1 & 2 will help you immensely if you have been abused in any way,

    HEART JOURNEY 3 & 4   $599 (each)

    Heart Journey 3 Vyve Eltham

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