Heart Journey Series - Vyve Beauty & Wellness Eltham
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Heart Journey Series

What is Heart Journey?

Heart Journey essentially is about releasing old ways and negative energy, getting well again and being happy within all aspects of your life. Are you sick of being tired, grieving or feeling anxious? Is it time to change direction and let go of those deeply ingrained fears obstructing your life path? Heart Journey is just what you’re looking for.

Each workshop consists of four well planned powerful energy sessions, beneficial for those just beginning their journey or those who have spent years doing spiritual self-healing work and are still feeling ‘blocked’ or ‘stuck”.

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These sessions are powerful and are another example of Vyve Beauty & Wellness in Eltham being the No.1 Melbourne energy healing hub.

5 x 70mins  Energy Healing Sessions with weekly mentoring $599

“The universe is always working with you, not against. When you are upset, it’s simply the universe setting you up to learn something.”
– Dee, Vyve Owner / Manager