Choose love and positive thoughts over fear and negativity
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Choose love, positive thoughts over fear

Choose love, positive thoughts over fear

There are two choices you can make that will change your life for better or worse. One is Love. The other is Fear. It’s that simple. Love, or coming from a heart space with positivity, is the right choice. Fear, or resistance, prevents us from creating the person we want and need to be.

Accepting challenges that present

There is no doubt your life will always have challenges and turmoil. Appreciating or accepting those tough times, as difficult as that may be, plays an important part in your own personal growth.

Challenges and setbacks are not there to sabotage your life and forever make you a victim. They are put in front of you to help you move forward. They help shape the person you want and need to be.

Be aware of what you’ve created

Are you aware of your thoughts of resistance? What is actually holding you back? Have you looked closely at which areas of your life are not flowing for you?

This is your resistance, blocks, or fears, and they’ve all been created by you. You cannot put the responsibility or blame on someone else: they are yours and you must use your inner strength and determination to navigate your way through them. And grow in the process.

Fear or resistance is there for your soul’s growth. It’s how you evolve and find your way through it all, then you gain clarity, confidence, increased self-esteem and, most importantly, find genuine joy.

A time for your soul to step up

There is a time when your world will be shaken. These are the times your soul wants you to step up, give in and stop resisting change. Your soul has asked several times before but there’s been no one home to listen, so it’s time to get your attention and what more effective way than to place some turmoil, drama, challenge or accident in your path.

You have a destination and you choose it before coming into this world. If you go off in the opposite direction, then circumstances will change to get you back on track of your life purpose or soul destiny.

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Be aware of powerful universal energy

There is no set path for your soul destiny and there is no set time. But we need to understand what we’re all experiencing at this very moment in time.

There is powerful energy from earth and astrological forces currently pushing and pulling us to make changes in the direction of our respective soul paths. March was a massive month for shaking us all up and we’ve had a Mercury Retrograde which has been one of the longest ever.

So, if you’ve been challenged, it’s more important than ever to follow the guidance of your soul. Listen and don’t ignore those inner messages: they’re there for your good health, your own joy, happiness and, ultimately, for your own personal growth.

So, take this moment to ask yourself some questions. What has been happening in your life? What are your messages? Are you listening and doing something about them?

Take control of thoughts & emotions

Let me explain something. If you’ve been overwhelmed by your negative emotions, anxiety, or depressed thoughts, it’s time to find a way to not allow them to control you.

They arise from the powerful energy of the ‘EGO’, and they take control and cause nothing but disharmony in your life, creating a lower vibration and keeping you stuck in the lower vibrational world of illness, drama, accidents, confrontations and constant inner conflict.

This negative energy has its own destructive life force, all based on beLIEfs that aren’t your truth. And it’s very normal and very common, but that’s where you need to take control and shift it.

Allow the universe to work for you

The universe ALWAYS matches your belief. It’s Law of Attraction – what you think about, you attract. Every negative belief has its own thought pattern, possesses its own energetic force which brings more to it becoming a reality. I’m not talking about one-off negative thoughts, but if you think about them constantly, then they become a reality or at least deny you achieving what you are really wanting to achieve.

Success. Money. Love. Abundance … if they aren’t available to you, it is because of your negative beliefs. In other words, those negative thoughts are exactly what you keep attracting… negative outcomes, which means more pain and more conflict.

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Are you creating the wrong reality?

What are your fears? Ask yourself, what is not available to me?

Here are some common examples: “Real, true and lasting love is not available to me,” or, “Success is not available to me.” And this: “Making money or keeping money is not available to me”.

These negative beliefs not only cause those things to happen, but create problems as well such as unhappiness or, on a deeper level, chronic depression!

First you make the belief and then the belief makes you.

Long-lasting negative impact

Here’s another example. At age 6, you tell yourself no one loves you, or that your parents don’t love you (belief) and then you go on for the rest of your life feeling you’re not lovable.

That belief makes you.

You remain alone or, in extreme cases, you become an addict or alcoholic as a result of thinking this way because your thought processes have become a belief system that shapes the person you have become.

Or is it the person you THINK you are.

These negative beliefs are actually not who you are now, however, the energy of what happened to you still survives within you and it’s now time to learn, grow and overcome your past, no longer giving energy to that which isn’t who you really are or who you can really be.

Choose Love. Not Fear. Let go of the resistance.

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A common story of negative beliefs

I often here the words, “I’m not lovable”, “I don’t deserve to be loved”, or “I’m not worthy of love.”

As an energy therapist (energy healer), this kind of belief comes up constantly with my clients and it’s such a powerful one because it really does affect your happiness and the amount of love you attract in your life.

I believe it sets you up for rejection and abandonment as you’re too scared to love because you fear getting hurt.

Otherwise, by not loving yourself, you attract people who can’t love – perhaps a narcissistic personality, one who cares more about themselves than you. Or you just settle for second best as you don’t believe you deserve any better.

The after-effects of childhood issues

Any memories of rejection and being abandoned, especially by your parents, will often lead you to believe you are not good enough and doubt anyone will ever truly love you.

As a result, you have often felt unloved or unwanted most of your life.

It is NOT true. Just because you believe it’s true, doesn’t make it true. You are lovable and your soul is desperately showing you that you are beautifully loved by simply surrounding you in beauty.

Until you appreciate ‘you’ and cherish yourself, you won’t truly feel the love around you. You won’t believe in yourself or trust others. You must ‘love you’! You know and believe you deserve the best, you cherish every moment, be grateful and proud of who you are and all that you’ve achieved.

That’s when you will attract relationships with people who love, adore and cherish you exactly the way you are.

“I’m not lovable” is also a common pattern which can be energetically passed on to children – more than likely, it has probably been passed on to you, too. It’s also why I feel so many people, including children, have anxiety today: they don’t have any self-love or self-belief.

Watch the magic unfold in your life

Once you begin to understand your conditioning and negative belief patterns, and have the courage to step into your truth, magic begins to show up in your life.

You see and feel things differently, synchronicity of timely events that bring you joy and happiness also begin to present regularly.

Love and abundance begin to show up like never before and you start manifesting your true heart desires.

It’s time for you to be aware of your belief patterns, start ‘feeling again’, unblock your heart, allow the walls to come down, become vulnerable and learn to love again. And, importantly, be open to being loved beautifully in return.

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Be guided by your emotions, and stay positive

You have an inner guidance system and it’s called your emotions. Therefore, these emotions are your soul’s driving force.

The better you feel, the better life gets. Do what feels good and you will attract exactly what you are wanting. Begin to assemble life’s beautiful tools which make you feel good and implement them into your life – exercise, music, healthy food, Reiki (a fabulous self-healing tool), meditations, affirmations, energy healings, wellness activities, yoga… anything that helps you be the person you want to be.

It’s important to know what makes you feel better and keep moving in the direction of it.

So when you get out of alignment, you will know how to get back. Find peace in the knowledge that those past feelings are why you are creating what you wanted to create. You are molding your own clay, so to speak, and it’s not about getting to the end so enjoy the process! Follow your heart.

~ Dee 🙂

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