8 Reasons Why You Need An Online Energy Healing Session With Dee
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8 Reasons To Have An Online Energy Healing

8 Reasons To Have An Online Energy Healing

Ever wondered how an online energy healing session can help you? Reiki Master and energy healer Dee Lewin from Vyve in Eltham shares 8 great ways an energy healing can be beneficial.

No.1 An energetic connection…

We are energy foremost and energy can be felt universally, in person or anywhere in the world. It makes no difference to me whether the sessions are held in person or online. I ‘tune in’ the same way and you receive the same guidance whether you’re seeing me in person or connecting ‘virtually’ via self-isolation from another suburb, city in Australia, or somewhere overseas. We just need to be connected. You will need a mobile phone or computer for Facetime, What’sApp, or we can connect via my Zoom account or you can find my profile here at Aware and make an appointment. It is super easy as long as you have a space at home to openly talk and somewhere to lie down and relax while the session is in progress.


No.2 Set your intention…

The session begins with a discussion about your ‘intention’. What is keeping you blocked, stuck, emotionally challenged, exhausted, irritable, angry or frustrated? These one-on-one sessions will offer guidance, clarity, empowerment, and an understanding from a soul level as to why it’s all happening to you or for you. There’s an awareness and acceptance which brings a much greater peace of mind. Your ‘intention’ is a powerful part of the process of my healing session.

No.3 Energy balancing…

There are 9 energetic systems within your body. Throughout your healing session, these systems will be energised and balanced, so you will have a sense of feeling more ‘complete’. The higher vibrational energy that comes through during your session often puts the physical, emotional and auric body into a deep state of healing. So, it’s important to rest and take it easy afterwards because the velocity of the healing process can be exhausting.

No.4 Emotional strength…

So often we don’t feel we have the strength to cope with our current challenges. It’s not uncommon for re-occurring disempowering thoughts to keep us emotionally attached to something that has happened or is currently happening in our life. The worry, fears and doubts can become so overwhelming, and it’s not unusual for you to think there doesn’t seem to be an escape. The good news is, negativity releases during the session which leaves you feeling lighter, more at peace and you can learn to have a better understanding of yourself.

No.5 Confidence and trust…

From my session, you begin to see a greater meaning behind your challenges and better understand what you are finding really difficult at the moment, You will understand the contributing factors as to why you have attracted a particular situation into your life or why it keeps showing up time and time again. Once you feel more trust and confident, empowering thoughts create happier experiences, and life just gets better and better.

No.6 Greater acceptance…

Negative emotions repeat themselves over and over until you heal them (release them). During my energy sessions, you will begin to accept and understand that your past (this may include past lives) will be a reflection of what could happen in your future if you don’t release the deep emotional wounds that are stored within. For example, in a past life if you’ve felt worthless and powerless, you will keep attracting relationships and experiences that leave you feeling controlled, constantly doubting yourself and worthless. In my energy sessions, you actually feel the release of these emotions, like a massive weight has been lifted. You feel empowered, have a greater sense of freedom and a deeper connection within.

No.7 Abundance

Your outer world becomes a reflection of your inner world. When you heal and can genuinely love yourself, you create an internal garden of acceptance, understanding, beauty and absolute harmony. Your outer world will respond by attracting loving, supportive relationships, as well as success and abundance … everything you want, think about, feel and see. You will begin the process of attracting it all… there are no limits. Your potential becomes limitless!

No.8 The awakening…

This is for the healers, light workers and way-showers, who are awakening. The energy sessions will help clear past Karma, teach those of you who want to learn more about spiritual development what’s happening on Earth and how your evolution can play an important role in humanity’s ascension.

Email dee@vyve.com.au to make an online energy healing session appointment.

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