10 Great Reasons Why You Need To Learn Reiki Today
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10 Reasons Why You Need To Learn Reiki

10 Reasons Why You Need To Learn Reiki

Melbourne Reiki courses are in demand as the ancient art of healing cuts through to mainstream medical and beyond. Reiki Master and energy healer Dee Lewin from Vyve in Eltham offers 10 great reasons why a Reiki course can change your life.

No.1 Balancing your flow of energy

Reiki balances your flow of energy, otherwise known as your “Chi”. If your energy flow is compromised or blocked then it affects the health and function of your entire body. When your Chi is balanced, you become calmer, more relaxed and in control. You gain more clarity and feel a lot more exhilarated.


No.2 Clear the mind, settle anxiety

Reiki clears the mind and calms anxiety. Using Reiki on yourself along with focusing on the breath, you will clear your mind and not become as fearful or anxious. Over time with regular practice of Reiki you will be able to clear and possibly resolve anxiety all together.

No.3 Fine-tune your spiritual antenna

Reiki opens and fine tunes your spiritual antenna, which gives you the ability to tune into your higher self and receive your own personal guidance. Reiki opens your heart space giving you more confidence in trusting and believing in yourself.

No.4 Powerful abundance tool

Reiki can be used to create more abundance and help you attract exactly what your heart desires. It’s a powerful manifestation tool and in Vyve’s Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 courses we can create powerful crystal grids for those ready to step into their power and create a life you know that you deserve.

No.5 Knowing how & when to use it

At Vyve, we give one on one training throughout our Reiki courses. The practical part of Reiki is extremely important as you learn to know how, when and where to use Reiki in assisting self empowerment and strengthening your body, mind and spirit.

No.6 Reiki for home, work, family…

Reiki can be used in your everyday life: in your home, workspace, in meditation, for your own self-healing, within your family and within your business.

No.7 Healing tool for kids

Reiki is a powerful healing tool, for children – Reiki helps relax, calm and settle children. It can aid in the healing of physical injury and promote restful sleep.

No.8 Learn about your energy centres

Vyve’s Reiki courses will teach you about your energy centres. When your energy centres are blocked, they can cause exhaustion, stress, illness, a sense of feeling out of control, overwhelmed, unloved and unsupported. You will learn to tune into your energy centre and be able to clear and balance them yourself.

No.9 Powerful healing tools

Reiki are powerful healing tools, sacred symbols allowing you access to a universal light which resonates at an extremely high vibration, helping to clear and balance your body, mind and soul.

No.10 Reiki adds meaning to your life

Vyve’s Reiki courses are powerful tools assisting in your spiritual growth and giving you direction in following your soul path. Reiki adds meaning to your life and rather then feeling lost, overwhelmed and exhausted, you feel inspired, contented and fulfilled.

See you soon

REIKI COURSES… Vyve’s Reiki courses run regularly and can also be taught in small groups of 4 or 5, so if you want to create your own group, Dee will tune into the energy of the group and teach Reiki so that you all gain the most out of the course. Most importantly, to learn to use reiki as apart of your everyday life.

REIKI REFRESHER… For those who learnt Reiki a while ago and would love to begin incorporating it in your life again this workshop will again give you the confidence and understanding of Reiki with a refresher session. Email dee@vyve.com.au for the next refresher course.

~ Dee 🙂

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