Oxygen Therapy

For the intensive treatment of lines, wrinkles and lax skin of the face and neck. This treatment uses oxygen to plump up and infuse our advanced rejuvenation and brightening serums into the skin leaving it looking younger, brighter and more radiant. Your skin will look rejuvenated and fresh. This is a sensational treatment to ensure you’ll shine and sparkle like the ‘belle of the ball’.

Vyve’s Oxygen Therapy includes a thorough skin diagnosis, cleansing and exfoliating process, intensive serum customized to your skin’s needs and infused by this powerful oxygenating process. Vyve’s anti-ageing massage and lymphatic drainage eliminates toxins and improves skin health and vitality. It’s a fantastic addition to our microdermabrasion.

Oxygen Therapy $130
Oxygen plus Micro $155

Oxygen Therapy Vyve Eltham

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Oxygen Indulge - An Intensive Course of 6

Incredible value, this course includes:

  • 6 oxygen therapy facials infused with a potent serum of anti-oxidants
  • $280 worth of a powerful skincare regime with high concentrations of hyaluronic acid which will maintain the hydrating and brightening benefits of the treatments
  • 6 microdermabrasions (add-ons)
  • 2 x foot detox baths allowing toxins to leave the body so blood is more purified and oxygenated
  • Back, neck and shoulder massage using our Indigenous hot rocks to relax, invigorate and oxygenate your body before your oxygen therapy facial

$999 (value $1550, saving you over $550)


Vyve Oxygen & RF Facial Therapy

The RF stimulates collagen and elastin production HIGHLIGHT RF so GO TO RF THERAPY  while O2 therapy repairs and plumps the cells, resulting in an incredible blend of tightening, hydrating, rejuvenating and replenishing the skin of all vital nutrients for a glowing, youthful looking appearance.

Oxygen plus RF 60 mins $165

Oxygen Therapy Melbourne

Ultimate Oxygen Experience

Begin this wonderful experience with a back, neck and shoulder massage, eliminating stress and unwanted toxins, followed by our signature Oxygen Therapy Facial treatment, lymphatic facial massage, detoxifying foot bath and foot massage. This treatment will oxygenate your body from your toes up.

75 mins $180


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